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26.10.06 03:24

Last post

This is my last post here at  I have finally evolved
into my own domain.  Come visit and change your links.

13.7.05 20:08

i can see my reflection in milo's eyes

"I can see my reflection in Milo's eyes", she says while staring into
her best friend Milo-the-cat's eyes while he sits perched on her
dresser staring down at her.

I marvel at my little wonder.  The littlest specks of joy and
energy spark from her straight into my heart.  How did she get
this way?  So filled with perception and reflection?  I watch
her with my heart filled up with love.  I feel like I could burst,
so full.  I smile to myself  There's no one else there to
see, to see what I see.

The other day we talked about her upcoming birthday.

"Do you want mommy to make you're cake?  What kind of cake do you want?  White? Chocolate?"

"Chocolate", she responds right away with glee.

"What kind of icing do you want?  White? pink?"

"Pink!!!", she responds again right away will glee, clapping her hands
together, smiling brightly and scrunching up her shoulders.

"My birthday is after Canada Day.  This day is Canada day.", she
always refers to today as "this day".  I always say, "yes, this
day, today".

"Yep, four more days to your birthday.  Maybe you'll get some
presents!", I think she's more excited about the cake.  I can't
believe she's not even three, at the same time I can't believe she will
be three.

I remember being three.

I remember turning three.  I got a doll who wore ice skates, which I thought was pretty cool.

Wow, three!

3.7.05 09:14

starting on the edge

pinwheel knitalongI
have started on the edging for my pinwheel blanket.  Not only am I
am hoping that I will have enough yarn to finish [the yarn in the photo
is the last of the handspun] but the edging is taking longer than what
I thought it would.

I turned the heel of my socks and put them
down immediately.  I have sworn to myself and now to you that I
will not knit on them until I have finished the edging.

29.6.05 20:41

no nostie? no problem

If you want to wind a centre pull ball and you don't have a nostepinne
or a ball winder you are in luck!
Check out De l'utilit? des ballons dans la vie for a great use of a balloon.

other links:

Ballwinding with a N?stepinde -- Hatchtown Farm
Winding Center-Pull Balls on a Nostepinne
27.6.05 02:41

phildar automne 2005 - ooooh la la

automne 2005

I have completly fallen in love with the new Collections automne 2005.  I gotta get my hands on it!

22.6.05 21:03

the day after after

birthday box
Every knitter deserves a birthday box
with fibre goodness on their

I also got The Notebook [I
cried, but in a good way],
a pedicure set, chocolate, and
Bees Therapeutic Bath Crystals

Thank you, thank you,
thank you! 

very unexpected birthday RAOK
that absolutely made my
Thank you so much  Renee!!


the hundreds
of others I am very excited
to have the name and likes of my
sockapal-2-zer pal.
A big thank you going out to Alison for all of her
hard work.
Today I managed to make my start and have a fun
little dyeing festival
trying to incorporate the likes of my
sockapal-2-zer pal.
I like it, I just hope she likes
it.  I can't wait to see how it knits up.
Now the
hard part - waiting for the fibre to

My little
one wanting so desperately to help.
Her persistence, spirit,
effort, and enthusiasm
constantly make me smile and sometimes
it just cracks
me up



decides our fate.  Cross your fingers for us and think good

thoughts.  Either you won't hear from me for a while because

will be in a packing fury, or you won't hear from me for a while

because I will drowning my sorrows in tears.

Thank you all for
the kind birthday wishes, a thousand miles of wool to you


a new plan now - the day before - Sunday, June 19th

would still welcome a change from Monday's decision but it isn't
imperative because we have a new backup plan that we may like even more
than plan A.  We may take it or leave it and I won't shed a tear!

17.6.05 18:27

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